Design An NFT, Then Build It in the Real World

Shark Digital provides NFT development services for brands and startups, helping you strengthen your brand’s identity while capitalizing on long-term community value.

Shark Digital can also help to enhance your product range with a customized, scalable storefront where your goods are listed in the form of NFTs.

Tap Into The New Wave of NFT-Commerce

Shark Digital creates NFT campaigns to generate publicity around the physical products that are manufactured for our clients. Not only do enthusiasts receive a digital token, but they also have the advertised item delivered straight to their front door.

Our parent company Shark Design handles product development and manufacturing. Shark Digital takes care of the NFT launch campaigns — which means exclusive utilities such as limited one of a kind customized physical products, as well as royalty payments against future product sales, and other exclusive perks.

The New Era of Product Development on The Blockchain

Everything we do is based on the blockchain, using tokens such as Ethereum and Solana.

Anti-counterfeit blockchain solutions help you more effectively safeguard your property and brand integrity.

The Process

Everything we do is based on the blockchain

Design & Development

Unique custom designs for each product launch

Marketing Campaigns

Launching limited edition products with powerful NFT ad-ons

Product Delivered

Receive the first limited editions off the production line

The Possibilities Are Limitless for Your Physical Products.

From your dashboard, you can log in to view your account, examine your current NFT product range, and track the performance of your sales.

Innovative Campaign Strategies

We provide strategy sessions for brands who are just starting out in Web3. The objective is to educate the client, present some first-stage concepts, and establish a clearly-defined path to achieving success, whether it be fully digital or take place in the physical world.

Planning a launch and go-to-community strategy

Formulating detailed roadmaps for each stage, from design to launch

Building a strategy to power sales of your product NFT's and your brand

NFT Development Services

Shark Digital provides services around a wide range of Web3 complexities, including NFT token development, applications, and Blockchain-based custom smart contract systems.

NFT token development

Product design and artwork

Creating NFT contracts & organizing them into tokenized assets

Minting Server Setup and Execution

Unlock Physical Items in the Real World

Shark Digital provides a gateway between NFTs and the physical world.

Tokens can be redeemed for real-world goods — delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep, with full Proof of Authenticity (PoA) recorded on the blockchain.

Consumer rewards, loyalty programs, and royalty payment systems are also made possible by tracking and verifying sales on a blockchain ledger.

Unlock Physical Items in the Real World
What is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are tradeable, one-of-a-kind tokens stored on a blockchain. They can be anything digital (most famously digital art, original drawings, stickers, and trading cards) and hold more information than a simple coin.

But NFTs are much more than art. They enable IP owners to monetize audiences, and increase customer loyalty. They are used in sponsorship and naming rights, customer engagement (polls and voting), music and other live events in virtual reality (VR), physical items and more.

What is Web3?

Web3 is just a term that has been used to describe the likely long-term destination of the Internet — a futuristic virtual world where people can play games, shop, work, and interact.

They will use NFT tokens to conduct their lives in this new world. Consumers are already switching to crypto games like Axie Infinity to make money in virtual worlds. The value of the tokens used in these games has soared with Facebook’s rebranding to Meta Platforms.

The leading Metaverse coin Decentraland surged in value by a whopping 37,000% in November 2021. Not surprisingly, the Metaverse is expected to be a central theme for cryptocurrency and technology investors in 2022.Business owners are also becoming more interested in Metaverse enterprise solutions, including off-chain storefronts, and how to build their Metaverse persona.

The Team Behind Shark Digital

Shark Digital is a team of Blockchain developers, creative directors, 3D animators, and digital artist community managers, based in USA, Hong Kong and Dubai.

We are an arm of Shark Design and work primarily for existing clients of Shark Design’s end-to-end product development services.

We design and develop NFT campaigns with real world products that drive commercial success.

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